Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PT011 - Bass Kittens & Various Artists - Vs.

I love working with other artists. This release is so much fun for me, mainly because I can ignore all the parts that I did that I'm not so sure about and focus on the stuff that the contributors did. Getting "Storm The CPU" out was a real triumph too - I'm pretty sure we originally did that track in 2001! It hasn't aged a microsecond.

  1. Bass Kittens vs Volum - Storm The CPU
  2. Bass Kittens vs Single Cell Orchestra - World War 2.5
  3. Bass Kittens vs Justin Maxwell - Delicious Algae
  4. Bass Kittens vs Volum - Robots 1, Hippies 0
  5. Bass Kittens vs Single Cell Orchestra - Look At The Sky
  6. Bass Kittens vs Freaky Chakra - Ill Machine



  1. AWESOME release. Been banging it for a year and loving it

  2. All tracks in my collection and I can’t even imagine my dj set without them)