Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PT001 - Bass Kittens - Four Things I Hate About You

This is where it all began. Originally self-pressed on standard 12" vinyl, we searched for a distributor for ages. I don't remember all the details now, I think we got some of them to a US based distributor, who went under without paying us. I eventually found a box of them in the Lower Haight at the office of Fuel Records USA. They were supposed to distribute them, which never really happened. I sent the box over to the UK where they were sold, and again I never saw a dime.

It's available on digital now. Have a listen/purchase at one of these fine establishments:

Amazon MP3

I found a really nice writeup of it on nuloop:

Originally released in 2000, this was the very first statement of musical intent from john drukman & justin maxwell's label pretension. a four-tracker of hybrid electro/breaks, in the style that bass kittens (drukman) had been developing over several years, it still sounds remarkably fresh today, in this time of homogenous sample cd-created breaks-by-numbers. in parts reminiscent of dhs, elsewhere sounding like nothing but itself, this was a strong start for the label, and its reappearance now sets things up nicely for the label relaunch in may 2006

Aw, thanks guys. At the time it was me and J running the label though. Justin came later.


  1. Hey where exactly is Bass Kittens centered out of? San Francisco?

  2. freewave: yes, bass kittens is san francisco-based.