Friday, March 4, 2011

PT016 - Bass Kittens - Ecstasy Flashback

Late one night in the Pretension Studio, after too much red wine, Bass Kittens fell asleep. Just slumped right over on the synthesizer keyboard. He had a crazy dream in which he was transported back to an illegal warehouse party in 1992, but in possession of a laptop full of all the production software he loved from the 21st Century. Upon awakening, he found three mysterious new files on his hard drive.

They sounded like the breaks-and-sample-heavy music from his drug obsessed youth, but with a modern spin. "Hoovers!" he exclaimed. "Stabs! Chipmunk Vocals! Tricky edits! It's all HERE!" Clearly there was only one thing to do with this time warp-bestowed bounty - send it on over to his pals at Addictech and let the entire world share the insane rush of the ECSTASY FLASHBACK.

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